Case 1

Client: Multi-national client

Industry: Industrial electronics – Payment terminals

Objectives: Our client was introducing a new range of payment terminals and needed to both quickly ramp capacity and cut their product costs.

Results:  Within three months the HawkEye-Global team had set up a Supply Chain which increased the build capability from 10-15 units to over 100 units per day. In addition, we delivered product cost reductions of 52% which enabled successful bidding on sales to multiple Fortune 100 companies in the retail, banking and oil industries.

Case 2

Client:  NZ based SME client

Industry: Consumer electronics – Satellite radios

Objectives: Our client needed to transfer their product line from their Chinese manufacturing base and reduce product costs by at least 20%.

Results:  Our Supply Chain analysis estimated a reduced product cost of 30-35% compared to the prior contract manufacturer. Within 10 weeks we were manufacturing the product at one of our Thai based contract manufacturers at a 34% lower cost. Over the subsequent ten years we have delivered similar percentage cost savings on multiple new products and our clients’ success was reflected in their acquisition by a billion-dollar multi-national corporation in 2015.

Case 3

Client:  NZ based SME company

Industry: Industrial Mixers

Objectives: Our client needed to reduce production lead-times and increase production capacity by at least 4-fold to accommodate growth.

Results:   To achieve this increase in output required re-sourcing and product re-designs including large scale plastic injection tooling molds, while establishing high-capacity assembly facilities.  Within six months all objectives were completed and clients’ business growth continues to reach new levels.

Case 4

Client:  NZ based Start-up company

Industry: Consumer electronics – Computer peripherals

Objectives: Our client needed to substantially reduce their product cost to compete in the peripherals markets.

Results:  Product cost reductions of greater than 60% were confirmed within five weeks and a fully audited contract manufacturing supply chain was manufacturing product within four months. Competitive product costs enabled this client to enter and successfully grow their global markets including winning multiple industry awards at the Las Vegas CES trade shows.