At HawkEye Global, supply chain management is a process where we identify high-performing suppliers of components and contract manufacturing services in low-cost countries, and expertly manage them on-site to meet your needs.

Sourcing from overseas can be daunting, issues such as language and cultural barriers, legal and customs challenges, and even time zone differences can all be potential problems. But with our industry-leading Supply Chain services, the rewards are significant:

  • Access to substantial, sustained cost benefits
  • Access to a wide range of component suppliers, materials and technologies
  • Fewer direct suppliers for you to manage
  • Project Management of the materials planning processes and build management, ensuring on-time deliveries 
  • Six Sigma Quality Supplies

For almost 20 years our team has proven to be the right supply chain services partner for our customers. We deliver. We do not focus our thinking towards Chinese suppliers, nor do we limit our services by owning supply chain facilities. We partner with the best providers and only deploy supply chains that operate with the highest ethical and operational standards.

By holistically managing our suppliers and continuously measuring all supply chain activities, such as quality auditing, inventory management and continuous cost reduction processes, our unique supply chain management program ensures that:

  • Our suppliers continuously drive efficiency and quality to higher standards
  • Our customers realize a hassle-free supply of goods, with the maximum possible cost savings

Fiscally, a reduction in procurement costs translate into a dollar-for-dollar improvement in bottom-line profits. It typically takes $5-6 in new sales to have the same impact as a $1 reduction in procurement costs. HawkEye Global supply chains typically save our clients between 25% and 40% of their current product costs.